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teachalthough the cleanup is continuing their slowly tried to get back on track. the bay area this weekend up to rain. >> live here with erica we are taking a look at the weather. >> in we thought it would be pretty messy but because the rain arrived a little bit earlier than what we predicted it fell mostly overnight. we're not just dealing with mostly niglight rain. the wider view shows that we are clearing things out for the north bay and
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parts of san francisco and the peninsula. it is still currently writing raining. you should still dry with extra caution and usurer wind shield wipers.use your windshie. downtown san francisco is clearing out and the same thing is for daly city. it is still raining over the san mateo bridge. we are still san light rain in san jose also. futurecast for shows that for the rest of
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our we are still going to see continuing rain. as we head into the 10:00 a.m. our there will be scattered showers. into the afternoon the conditions should be clear and sunny. it is 6:02 a.m. and here is traffic. >> and as a 580 in the westbound direction is that 44 minutes. an accident is at its final clearing. these lands have been blocked for way over our. it is slowing your drive. >> back to our team coverage of weather.
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>> for the most part we are having a bit of a break. i fell about one or two struggles. i do not think it will be more than that for the moment. we are catching a break right now people >> to children in santa rosa were hit by a car as it
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were out. a two year-old and a four year-old boy was walking and they were ahead of their parents when they were struck. they were taken to the hospital and their injuries are not life- threatening. this happened about 7:00 p.m. last night and the driver did stop and cooperate with police. >> about 3200 nurses in east bay are planning a one day strike today. they are protesting concessions and they said that this strike will be the sixth strike by the california nurses association. they stated that their contract has been under negotiation for about 80 months now.18 months now. >>a developing story the new york city subway is still
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slowly rolling again. if this is three days after super storms and because of the worst disaster in history. 56 people across the united states and one in canada have died from the storm. sandy's over rob death rises. over 5 million people are still without power this morning and undamaged parts of the subway system in new york and new jersey will begin to run a drop the day. they have fired some of the things to run today. >> new york's three major airports are running. flight service is slowly getting back on track. issue to see the a's pitcherthese pictures. they only have partial service. >> it
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is 6 05 a.m. coming up. now that halloween is over they are projecting that the numbers for the holiday. will take a look at that next. the wet road ways might slow you down a little this morning. it is 59 degrees and we are expected it to rise a little bit. ♪
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>> we are tracking interstate 580. i am just getting an update from the highway patrol and they stated that there is more the one incident that was here. there are a number of incidents that are in the same location and the traffic is backed up all the way to the 2 05 interchange and now the drive time is that 50 minutes. >> the markets resumed trading yesterday after it was closed for two days due to the superstar. you could see that the dow closed down at by 11 points. a d p the private payroll department is showing that it added a hundred and 58,000 jobs. we
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will see tomorrow weather knocked the u.s. unemployment rate has changed. a d p private employer is doing government hiring as well. >> net flicks stock went up almost 14 percent and it closed 17. . >> ups is expectins holiday shipping to go up. rejected rise is because of online shoppithe rise is due tof
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online shopping. they stated that would hire more workers to handle this increase in shipping. >> in it is 6:11 a.m. right now and as we track the storm here on kron 4 morning news we to see that tosco is receiving snow. let's go back to the bay area where we are getting it in the form of rain. we will be right back.
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we did anticipate a messy morning commute but because the system arrived a few hours earlier. you may run into some instance of
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pounding. there is no more rainfall. it looks like we are dried things out. this is a live look at interstate 580. we are still seeing a light rain in the livermore valley area. it looks like there will be a dry break for the san francisco for rape. where are still contending wi lighfor the sout; it looks like as we advance across to the 10:00 hour we will start to see some spotty showers develop for the back end of this cold front. dry conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. the rainfall totals were from a quarter of an inch to about one-third of an inch of rain in santa rosa. into tomorrow was the
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morning fall tfog. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows plenty of dry weather as we head into the weekend. >> here's a look at in a state 5 a on westbound. shows that the traffic is moving slow. the heaviest traffic is stop and go for 580 westbound. there are a number incidence and rain that has caused this. this is all in the livermore area that has backed up the traffic passed to 05. things continue to get worse with the drive time at 51 minutes. at the bay bridge we are starting to see it as a backup westbound. the metering lights have been
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activated and at the san mateo bridge we have not seen an increase in the drive time periods for the golden gate bridge drive it is problem free of on a one southbound. it is under 25 minutes. >> it was all chairs and confess a on the streets of san francisco for the world series champions the san francisco giants. the big victory parade attracted close to a million people. as you concede there were thousands of people lined the street. the players went through the streets and convertibles and when they got to the big party there were serenaded by tony bennett. the players thank the fans for all of the support. >> we are enjoying. thanks to the fans and it is just a real
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honor to be up here and to be a part of history. this is such a blessing and want to thank you so much. >> we came together and as hunter said earlier we played for the names and from not the ones on the back. >> this has truly been a truly amazing season and without shoot we would not have been here. you are the best fans. this has been unbelievable and will allow us to just thank you for all of your energy and excitement that you bring to sampras's coach.san francisco. >> you need to be proud and we're all world series champions here in san francisco wearing orange and black. i want to thank the fans because we
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struggled through in the yeaduring the year they gave us courage to play harder. teachkron 4 has all of the coverage of the big victory parade. we are airing this commercial free and this baptistery airing of the big parade yesterday on our 247 newscast comcast channel 193. or you can watch it on >> good number of people took bart and caltran. a whole lot of people took bart. >> a lot
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of people took it yesterday and there are just a few out this morning. some of the rider's your stated that it is a lot easier this morning that yesterday. they set the record and di it was due to the parade. this easily breaks the record are more than 30,000 people. they used about a hundred extra staff members to make sure that everything ran smoothly. some of the rider's that i spoke with stan as if they avoided public transportation all together. >> i avoided bart because i work at second and markets and this is right where the action was. it was to is more convenient for me to get on the bridge and avoid the crowd. >> i
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cannot imagine. >> there awas a lot of orange and black on the bart. they stated that people who bought their tickets earlier really helped. the previous record is from november 2010 and this was the last day of the parade for then. >> a california judge has approved a request from the donors behind and a 11 million campa$11 million camn contribution. they gave
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this to a small business action committee and they are opposing jerry brown's tax. the arizona group plans to appeal this ruling. >> the east palo alto police department's is being awarded a grant to work with crime fighting strategies. this grant will be used by crime analysts to identify hot spots of crime based on the location and the frequency of shots that are fired. this is used to tell people where the location is where a shot has been fired. >> we have new video of a chemical fire and a trail derailment and kentucky. here is a live
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look outside and this shows us a wider view of northern california. we are still dealt with bits and pieces even at this hour. > [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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a.m.. >> in the rain is starting to dry out from this point on and the current temperature is 58 degrees. we're looking for sunnier conditions in the daytime high getting up to the mid '60s. have had a chemical fire is still burning due to a train derailment. as you can see they are pouring water on this train and people have been evacuated from homes near this. it was leaking vapors that caught fire yesterday at while workers used--a chemical that is burning is colorless and it is flammable gas. there are letting this fire burn itself out and they do not know how long this will take. >> starting today tends and thousands of peoand vehicles--they promise
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to give inspectors more time to search for each illegal goods without disrupting morris.motorist. we'e getting new video of a strange attempt to the legal across the border. as you can say patrol officers in arizona stated that this person tried to drive a deep over this ramp but the jeep got stuck and the suspect jumped out and run away. >> in the times trossachs 20 7:00 a.m. and we will be back iwill also take a look at what happened on the trading floors. we are live on the floor and we are just
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three minutes away from the opening bell.
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>> let's head over to the traffic department. it is likely that the weather has played a factor in these and delays on interstate 580. the chp has been dealing with a few incidents. the crash was cleared from the traffic lanes but there still may be one are two vehicles waiting for toll
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trucks.tow trucks. the drive tie is 51 minutes to the dublin exchange. . >> we're tracking rein in the bay area and satellite and radar shows us a wider view. we have been tracking the cold fronts and it looks like the heavy is whether the failed in the overnight hours. storm trackers for is stating that is not as organized as before. as we start to zoom in we are seeing a light rain run around walnut creek. there is no longer any rain over the toll plaza. because the rain continues to push his way east we are still seeing a light rain over the livermore valley area. it is
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raining just west of the city--you will still need to use your web and shield wipers and drive with extra caution. >> it looks like our jackie has found some rain. >> is this kind of a heavy mist. you can sit all so that the lights are shining awful the wet road way. it is that much difference same one last time we started to see rain come down about 7:30 p.m.. it really drenched the children last night. it
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seems like we got ramose of the night and dried out a little bit about 3:00 a.m.. >> to new this morning stockton police have made an arrest due to a homicide. the body of 25 year-old anna was found inside a trash can in pleasanton. authorities determined that she was--he was arrested for this woman's murder. the police are still asking the public for their help. tice the polic officers make sure that
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these offenders were following guidelines. they were not allowed to leave their home from 5:00 p.m. on halloween day until 6:00 a.m. the following day they cannot pass out candies w, where costumes for decorate their homes. there were no reports of anything like this happening last night. >> san francisco police are looking for two people who they stated said a muni bus on fire. a the police arrested this person who they said was a part of vandalism. he admitted that he did vandalize the bus. this is video of where this buzz was torched and san francisco's police address the media. >> this type of behavior
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is not allowed in san francisco. we will rescue and you will be prosecuted for it. the police are analyzing very careful the video that they have so they are trying to identify the two people that you can clearly see torching this bus. there are credit in social media for the arrest that they have so far. a lot of these videos have been posted on line in on you too. tube. >> pennsylvania's attorney general is going to announce that this man has been charged in connection with the child abuse scandal. jerry sandusky was convicted. this man was
6:36 am
identified as a possible target in the state's investigation and we are expected to hear his charges letter on to that. >> the people of this state i in thi am not paid to have patience but i do need for you to have patience as i am trying to get things done. if you just heard the governor in new jersey asking for residents to--he credited president obama on helping with the preparations. to many of them have been forced to walk or bike. the new york governor stated that there was a transportation emergency in his state. there will be free mass
6:37 am
transit for everyone until they get things under control. we will take a quick break and we will have more on the president's tour of the damages. this is marine one as the president best- ♪
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>>welcome back we are waking up to some wet weather. most of the rain is starting to move out. this whole system
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is starting to move out and we will have more on the timing. >> the north east is still recovering from the damage due to sandy. it new york's three major airports have reopens. they're still not running at full speed. it is a transportation emergency that has been declared and all of new york state. 56 people have died due to the storm. >> we are watching gains on wall street. financial expert rob black is joining us right now. >> ithe job cuts and the united states is up. october a d p reported--weekly
6:47 am
initial stated fed is up 3000. there have been a lot of americans that have been unemployed for a large time. if we invert the fiscal class we should have a good gain in 2013. we could get a bit higher ringbonebig hiring bm and chrysler with their earnings. it seems as though automotive industry is doing well. what is interesting to know is that a lot of automotive companies are using--they are closing down factories that they are not use them. a lot of the
6:48 am
american companies are using this opportunity to get into china. chrysler is affiliated with fiat's. their october sales are up by 10 percent. it looks like gm stocks is coming back up and the government may be able to get their money back. it will take time but it will be a good long-term investment. a guy named mark fields is the c 00. wall street really did this because ford has been sparking. and they did not have to give belau. net flakes karo announced that he is getting a stake in the company. their stake is up by 14 percent but he has had
6:49 am
trouble with bay area companies. he had a problem with clorox and ship their investors be happy or worried? >> here say corporator and he tries to push things around. next slicks' is not going to be sold and the only one would have to worry about is amazon dock,..vom twa was a menr is takeover and he probably is going through the roof. this should be very interesting to watch. we would check back with a rock with winners and losers next. >> it is now 6:49
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a.m.. >> in storm trackers for shows rank passing through the area and most of it occurred overnight. a lot of the wets whether impacted the church unless my. so far we are having dry conditions in the north bay for concord and fairfield. as we start to zoom in it is currently writing in the san ramon valley. where same green on the screen and we are in light rain territory. he will still need to use your windshield wipers and people are describing this as a heavy sprinkle. we are still contending with some light showers over the san mateo bridge. in terms of san francisco the rain has passed through a dismal lumber impact in the richmond district. the wider
6:51 am
view shows spotty showers along highway 101. future cast for shows that the cold front should have already pushed through the south. there may be a pop-up shower on the back him but as we advance the clock to the level o'clock a.m. hour we will start to clear out pretty much ever else. into the afternoon we do not expect any rainfall whatsoever. this was a relatively weak system. in terms of your conditions of the door is low 60s and mountain view. your after know how i will show plenty of 60s. 674 concord and hayward. and downtown san cisco--plenty of sunshine just in time for the weekend
6:52 am
and looks like monday will be the warmest day of the week. >> we continued to attract a hot spot on interstate 580 this morning and the drive time is at an hour now. it is probably a little over 60 minutes for the dublin exchange. the most recent problem was an accident that forced the closure and this may be having people slowdown. and again this is jim back to the tool 5 and change and we have not seen the drive time dropped and it has been driving since the 4:00 a.m. hour. here is a look at the east bay drive. we're starting to see a little slowing on 80 south bond. the volume is picking up on south for way. at the bridge conditions are fairly
6:53 am
normal for the westbound 5 a ride. the back of is not all the way to the mccarter maze. the drive time is 18 minutes and it is explore right if you're coming from the east shore freeway. the san mateo bridge drive is 14 minutes and it is starting to slow down. when a normal day when normalcy stop and go conditions. the golden gate bridge is still pretty good and we did see a slight increase through the marin we are still incident free 4101 southbound. >> we would take a break is got 6:52 a.m.. we do have more headlines for you and the dome has not been lit in orange a more.
6:54 am
>>six blocks away from the civic center plaza two men were shot just after the world series party. they found them about 2:45 p.m.. one of the victims was a teenager and one of them were shot in the upper body and the other man was shot in the stomach. police stated that the game task
6:55 am
force is involved in this investigation. there were wearing giants gear and they stated that it is not related to the parade. >> san francisco police are looking for to arson suspects. they stated that these two men are responsible for-trash they stated that they arrested one person that this did vandalize the bus but they stated that he did admit that he did it. >> officers stated that they're making sure that there following the guidelines so that they keep the children following the guidelines so that they keep the children safe. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea.
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